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3.5-inch TFT LCD high-definition display

Infrared night vision

Loop recording function

Video file time can be set according to personal needs

Connect the car charger automatically loop video

HDMI output, a timely video, watches allows you to operate more convenient

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- Have your ever thought that you can prove your innocence in a car crash if you had any option to record the things happened.. 
- A device which can be easily fixed to your car and easily access the recorded data insideЎ 
- A device that that can be an added security to your vehicle .. 
- REAR VIEW MIRROR CAMERA An security eye for your vehicle 
- Front Camera + Rear View Camera + Video Recorder Model No. T113401


Digital Binocular Sports and Spy Camera with a telescopic lens that is great for outdoor surveillance. The Avatar comes with a 2.5 inch display screen for viewing comfort and multimedia functions, including music and video player. 

The Avatar digital camera lets you can take snap shots from one building looking out on to another building, balcony or apartment, and works best in full daylight conditions. The Avatar comes with a mini tripod and can also be fixed on a regular tripod for extra versatility. With digital 40x and manual 21x zoom function, observing your object of desire has never been more fun.


Nightvision Monocular that allows you to see in the dark. This night scope is a great tool for any serious camper, hunter, or wildlife enthusiast. What is the point of going out into the wilderness if you end up missing the chance to see the animal life that comes out after dark? 

This carrying pack size monocular has all the features you would expect from a professional night vision tool including a power IR illuminator, image magnification, and great objective focus range, but with a direct from the factory budget price. 

Available now from the original source for direct from China wholesale electronic products, Chinavasion. 

At a Glance... 
Night vision tool for viewing night time wildlife and natural phenomenon.
Lightweight and easy to pack into your night gear.

Note: This product should be used at night. Use during the day can damage the intensifying tube.


Flexible inspection and under-door video camera for getting into hard to reach places (or even spying on the next room!). Often called a snake or gooseneck videocamera, this omni-directional pinhole camera allows you to see into many hard to reach areas and is small enough to be slipped under doors. Used for inspection of hard to reach areas such as ceiling plenum's, electrical wall panels, underneath or behind heavy object, etc. When used as an inspection tool, the included video receiver / recorder unit (pocket sized 2.5 inch TFT LCD) can view and record all the work area for immediate use and later review in the office or out in the field. When used as a surveillance camera, it can be mounted where other cameras will not fit and can but used without notice. Can also be used with its metal mounting canopy to be a low profile security or surveillance camera.


It can work on mobile device like tablet PC or mobile phone, which is WIFI capable and based on IOS or Android. This device is widely used in different fields including:

1. Textile industrial for textile inspection

2. Printing inspection

3. Industrial inspection: PCB, Precision machinery…

4. Educational purpose

5. Hair examination

6. Skin examination

7. Microbiological observation

8. Jewelry & coin (Collections) inspection

9. Visual Assistance

10. Others

S06 Wireless Digital Microscope makes up the limitation of distance and

can be used in a range within 10 to 30 meters. It is a perfect match with IOS

mobile device (iPad, iPhone) and android mobile device (android tablet PC,

android mobile phone). Please read below manual to get more detail about

the microscope and follow the operation instructions.

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Wireless Digital Microscope with 5x – 200x zoom for PC. Examine objects for the slightest imperfection or use this electronic microscope as a great educational tool! 

With this wireless digital microscope, you’ll be able to examine objects at a microscopic level. Whether you are a computer specialist wanting to examine a motherboard from up close or a stamp collector looking for a better view of your precious collection, this digital microscope offers exactly what you need. With 8 Bright LEDs illuminating the subject, you’ll always have a clear view of what you’re examining. Manually zoom in up to 200x and take snap shots by pressing a button on the microscope itself. 

The provided software also lets you capture high quality video and saves the files to your PC’s hard drive. Being wireless, the microscope can be held in any position and with a range of up to 10 meter, you won’t even have to be directly next to your PC when working. Perfect for textile inspection, printing inspection, microbiological observation, educational purpose or just for fun, this wireless microscope pack the power you need!

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