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Car Data Recorder

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Car Data Recorder(CDRecorder) is a remote auto diagnostic tool newly developed.
1,To collect the data engine data when run on the road, including engine ignition time,  fuel adjust, rotate speed of the engine and read out trouble code
2,To 24-hourly record the change of the data flow shown in scheme and picture, after the data has been responded from the clients’ terminal.
3,To gain the help from auto experts by importing the data via internet, turning remote diagnosis into reality. 
4,Car Data Recorder(CDRecorder) support the cars with OBDII?EOBD and CAN protocol.

 Components of the product
1, recorder, including Car Data Recorder and USB connector
2, Client terminal programmer

Record the data







Light the engine, (please do it within one minute after Cardata_Recorder be logged well), Cardata_Recroder will run automatically after being logged directly into the 16 pin socket which locates under the direction desk of the car. No need to run by hand and it will automatically communicate with the car ECU. Once succeeding, automatically turn to the site of recording data without your handling. 3 minutes later, if LED flash regularly, this indicates the success of communication and the Cardata_Recorder can work normally. On the contrary, if the LED keeps lighting this indicates Cardata_Recorder doesn’t match this car


User's Manual  for Cardata Recorder

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