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V-Checker A602 Smart Trip Computer

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V-checker  Axxx (A301; A501; A601; A602; А603) is a multi-function trip computer which helps users to quickly access to vehicle trouble code information and vehicle status. The device can provide alerts when several abnormal occur to the vehicle. The function of clearing trouble code greatly reduces the expensive maintenance costs and widely favored by users.
The device’s interface can be customized according to user’s preferences so that the user can freely review the vehicle information.
The device can be installed without changing the original vehicle cables. Just plug and the device works immediately, easy to use.
The device supports all OBD compliant vehicles.
Multilingual device supporting Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian.


Quickly retrieves vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes and other vehicle security information.
Displays real time oil consumption data, helps lowering maintenance cost.
Clears trouble code information and saves maintenance costs.
Real time vehicle trouble alerts include vehicle malfunction、high water temperature, over-low battery voltage, fatigue driving, over-speed, maintenance reminding, shift reminding.
Displays vehicle parameters, including engine speed, air pressure, real time oil consumption, acceleration performance, coolant temperature, oxygen sensor voltage.
Provides a variety of graphic and digitized images or texts under various driving modes including idle mode, tour mode and race mode.

Specifications for A602

Host specifications

LCD display

5.0 inch TFT LCD, 800*480 Pixel




135 *13*86(mm)

GPS modules

high sensitivity receiver antenna


Mstar Semiconductor







Ram Memory



Channel 24

Flash Memory





B302 specifications


8-36 V

Electric Current (Charge status)


Electric Current (Normal status)


Standby Power




Operation Video

1. Installation Instruction of A602

2. Initialization Setting of A602

3. A600 Series - Alarm settings

4. Installation Instruction

5. Initialization Setting

6. Normal Use

7. Instrument Settings  


1. User's Manual

2. Slide-show


Q: What cars can A501 trip computer support?

A:It can work for all OBD2 compatible cars!

Q:Why it works fine for the first car, but cannot work if I use it for another car?

A:In order to ensure the quick using of the A501 computer, it will scan the communication mode of the car, then lock the communication mode to the first car. If you remove the A501from the first car and install it in another car, you should perform "restore factory settings". After restored, the trip computer will automatic ally re-scan communication mode of the new car, "restore factory settings " steps: plug the OBD diagnosti c interface Instrument power on → Display first screen → Press [OK] → Show hidden menu → Select th e second "restore factory settings"

Q: Why the driving speed displayed on the computer is lower than the car dashboard speed readings?

A: Almost all of the car speed displayed on the meter is not accurate, mainly for the security design. The meter speed is always about 2-5% higher than the actual speed, that is why you drive 140Km/h on the hig hway, but no radar detected it for over-speed. You real speed is only about 120Km/h.

Q: Why the slower of my car, the higher of the instant fuel consumption?

A: You should know this fact: when the car is in neutral sliding, the fuel consumption is not 0. Look at the formula: = instantaneous fuel consumption per hundred kilometers = (100 * Cumulative injection volume) / (speed * time). In the lower speed mode, the engine fuel injection is small; speed is low. It needs to take more time to drive 100Km, when the speed is very low, the time is almost infinite. According to the formu la, the instantaneous fuel consumption per hundred kilometers shown to be growing. Note: The instantaneo us fuel consumption per hundred kilometers! = fuel injection quantity!

Q: Does the trip computer A501 need to be upgraded, how to upgrade?

A: Generally speaking, if you use A501 normally, we do not recommend you to upgrade it; of course, we have been upgrading and improving the features of the A501 continuously. You can contact your local dea ler to upgrade it if available.

Q: Why settled the shift reminder function, when the speed reaches a settled value, my trip computer do not remind.

A: The shift reminder function does not work under the cruise and idle modes. It can only work in the competitive mode.

Q: Why the trip computer A501 always Alarm for temperature too high?

A: The trip computer A501’s water temperature alarm default setting value is 100 ℃, thetemperature of the different models are different settings. Generally the car has a low speed fan and a high-speed fan, when the temperature reaches a dangerous range; high-speed electronic fan will open to effectively reduce the temperature of coolant. It is very dangerous if the high speed fan cannot start in time. You can check the starting temperature of the fan and set the water temperature to the specified value.

Q: Where is the car’s OBD diagnostic connector?

A: The location of the diagnostic connector principles: take the driver as the center, radius of 0.5 meters, the driver’s reach out and touch range. The specific location of OBD diagnostic interface, there is no uniform standard. They are usually located under the steering wheel, at the top of brake pedal. If you still can not find the diagnostic interface, please contact your local 4 S shop of the model.

Q: How to set fuel consumption factor?

A: The fuel factor is used to adjust the "instantaneous fuel consumption, the current default value is 331. This coefficient is based on a complex formula and experience in numerous tests of the car. We don’t recom mend you change this value. If the vehicle was modified or age of the vehicle too old, causing the vehicle sensor aging, drift. You can adjust according it to their proportion of the actual situation of the vehicle. Suc h as: fuel consumption factor = 331 +331 * 10% = 364, the instantaneous fuel consumption is increased by 10% on the original basis.

Q: When the car is running at a speed 2000RPM or above, instantaneous fuel consumption shows about 10L/100km when sliding in gears,Is there any problem on caculation? Why the instantaneous fuel consumption is increasing when the car is in neutral,does it need more power in this case?

A: fuel consumption no.is bigger when put the car in gear than in neutral,it’s about 1L/H.It needs energy when we put put more power on veering,electical machaine or brake pump at this moment. Instantaneous fuel consumption maybe bigger If we put the car in neutral to slide in a low speed.when the car is moving at a spped 1500RPM or above,normally ECU will make the without using any energy,so the fuel consumpt ion is 0 at the moment.

Q: When the car is sliding in gear at or above 1500RPM with instantaneous fuel consumpt ion 0,but why mine shows 7-8?

A:1500RPM is just an approximate number,It’s determined by acctual driving speed and water temperature to low down the speed and stop fuel consumption(turn the fuel on before the car warm up).If it shows 7-8 on fuel consumption screen,that means the speed does not lowed and fuel is still consuming now.you can try a slide in gear at a speed 60km/h,it should show 3 or less.

Q: A501 can quickly get vehicle‘s trouble codes, Is there any way to test this functi on safely?

A: Open your engine cover, disconnect the oxygen sensor or throttle position sensor etc plug like this. Start the engine, in about 4-5 seconds, the engine fault light comes on, A501 also will alarm when the engine starts,and shows the problem precisely.

Q: why the average fuel consumption is not accurate after using trip computer for a few days?

A: The average fuel consumption is calculated based on fuel consumption and kilometres. Since you have just had a short trip at beginning,which may cause the average fuel consumption isn’t accurate.The longer di stance you travled the more accurate average fuel consumption number would be(usually need to travel 300 kilometers).Normally the average fuel consumption is very accurate,if you found large deviation com pare to actual fuel consumption, customer can adjust it following this method: fill the duel tank (until it auto matically shutoff), clear the oil gauge. At the same time make A501 to factory reset,and clear the average fuel consumption no. to 0, then travle A km (recommended 400-500 km) and then to refuel B litre (until it automatically shutoff), calculate C = B * 100 / A is the real fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, A501's average fuel consumption displays D, the average fuel consumption coefficient of E (the system defaults to 116), the user can modify A501 average fuel consumption coefficient = E * C / D. This average fuel consumption must be very accurate.

Q:Questions should be pay attention when install and remove a trip computer in a car?

A: Installation Steps: 【1】. Turn off the engine key. 【2】. Connect the host machine, diagnostic data cable and bracket. 【3】. Layout the Diagnostic data cable according to the structure of vehicle,ensure it’s saf e,reliable and neat. 【4】. Plug Diagnostic data cable OBD into the car OBD conector. 【5】. Start the engine, follow the sceen prompts to initialize the trip computer.Please ture turn off the engine and pull out OBD charger when remove the trip computer.

Q:Why use the computer A501 would lead to a variety of dashboard indicator light lights abnormally?

A:As A501 support multiple communication modes, and each car support only one of the vehicles ordinary communication mode, the car diagnostic interface OBD are not fully in accordance with the standard definition, which would lead to this situation. According to the communication model to support the vehicle traffic computer A501's OBD connector pins in the metal processing, handling as follows: 【communication mode: ISO15765 CAN Bus, keep 4/5/6/14/16 metal pin】, 【communication mode : J1850 PWM, keep 4/5/2/10/16 metal pin】, 【communication modes: J1850 VPW, keep 4/5/2/16 metal pin】, 【communication modes: ISO14230 KWP2000, keep 4/5/7 / 15/16 metal pin】, 【communication modes: ISO 9141-2, keep 4/5/7/15/16 metal pin】, other metal pins can be cut off.


Q: Why use A501 would lead to the car misfired when started, or cause the car does not use other electronic features (such as electronic clock is running seriously slow)?

A:If the car manufacturer has installed a car alarm (after the car alarm is not installed), it is possible A501 car trip computer conflict with the original anti-theft devices lead to car not started when onfire. Recommended to choose "Instrument Setup" and select "Press any key to boot" to turn on the feature. And the in the future when car keys open the trip computer will not automatically start, need owber press any key to boot.

Q:Why the first time to use A501 computer, follow the prompts, the screen supports only support diagnostic feature?

A: It means that this car is not standard OBD2. A501 is not applicable for this car.

Q:Why is the character showed on the screen is not so clear?

A:Select the "Instrument Setup" menu, select "Contrast" menu, through the upper and lower key to set the contrast until normal.

Q: What is about using of A602 for Isuzu Bighorn, 2000, Engine: 4JX1-TC Dd Common-Rail (Diesel), car with OBD2?

A: A602,the trip computer, we originally designed for oil engines, and adapted to all the OBDII protocols. But for Diesel  engine, it can work, but the functions with the statistics shows not exact. I mean, the functions when on diesel  engines is not as exact as used for oil engines.  It can be used for ISUZU Bighorn, diesel engine. However, the statistics can have some mistakes/errors.

Q: What type of functions for diesel engine exactly will be having the wrong statistics?

A: Only the "Oil statistics display"  function is not exact. Other function is exact to the customers  and "oil statistics", the function, needs the users to correct himself in the beginning use. And according to this question, we have a software (just the testing edition) is designed for how to correct the statistics. The software is called "standards for Fuel consumption coefficient calibration".

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