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With help of this tool you can program/generate key/transponders of Audi A8, VW Touareg, VW Phaeton, Bentley Continental, Porsche Cayenne, BMW E38, E39, E46, E53, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E70, E87, E90, E91, E92. Supported immobilizers EWS2, EWS3, EWS3+, EWS4, CAS, CAS2, CAS3. Now you can read data stored inside of the key - identification number, ODOMETER! Added generation of keys by dump of kessy (Audi A8, VW Touareg, Bentley Continental, Porsche Cayenne). Works with latest 2008 models. Possibility to program "dealer keys"

 Main screen of Software

For programming of Keys or Transponders of BMW cars you need to read eeprom dump from EWS or CAS and software automaticly prepare key/transponder ready to start car. 

For programming of Keys or Transponders of Audi A8/VW Touareg/VW Phaeton/Porsche Cayenne/ Bently Continental you need to read eeprom from kessy (93c86 eeprom) and software automaticly prepare key/transponder ready to start car. This is for car up to 2007 year. 

For programming of Keys or Transponders of Audi A8/VW Touareg/VW Phaeton/Porsche Cayenne/ Bently Continental you need to read eeprom from kessy (93c86 eeprom) or eeprom from Engine Control Unit and software automaticly prepare DEALER key/transponder ready to start car. This is for car 2007 and 2008 year.

Attached picture is EXAMPLE how to programm transponder - BMW E60 with CAS2.

First you must Read eeprom dump from CAS2 ( you can use any programmer )

1. If you use Transponder you must switch Operation mode in PASSWORD. If you use key you must switch Operation mode in Crypto.
2. Push button - Load immobilized dump and choose readed eeprom from CAS2.
3. Next step is to write what number of key you want to programm in CAS2 ( in this example is Key number 3) after push button Generate key and Hitag2 programmer programm Transponder ( or Key).
4. After finishing programming you see message : Programming done

5. After successcull programming of transponder or key you must push button - Save immobilizer dump 
6. Write new name of modify by software dump.
7. Save this new dump and programm in CAS2

Now you can start car with this transponder.


Supported transponders
transponder type                                                   Read                                 Write 
 PCF7930                                                               YES                                    YES 
 PCF7931                                                               YES                                    YES 
 PCF7935                                                               YES                                    YES 
 PCF7936                                                               YES                                    YES Note 2 
 EML                                                                        YES                                    YES 
 MEGAMOS                                                            YES                                     NO Note 1,3,5 
 TEMIC 11                                                              YES                                     NO Note 1,5 
 TEMIC 12                                                              YES                                     NO Note 1,5 
 T5                                                                           Note 4                                 YES 
Note 1. Transponder is OTP (One Time Programable). 
Note 2. Password Mode. 
Note 3. Transponder can be emulated on PCF7935. 
Note 4. Transponder can be read after its configuration (as Temic11-12, Megamos) 
Note 5. Transponder can be copied (cloned) into T5 transponder

Key Makers 
Alfa Romeo 1996 with 93C46 eeprom v.1 (Compatible also for Alfa Romeo 33) 
Alfa Romeo 1999 with 93C46 eeprom v.2 
Audi immobox 4A0953234 eeprom 93C46 
BMW EWS1 immo 
BMW EWS2 immo 
BMW EWS3 immo 
Bmw-EWS1 immo
Bmw-EWS2 immo
Bmw-EWS3 immo
Bmw-EWS4 immo
Bmw-CAS (CAS1) 

Citroen Evasion with eeprom 93C66 
Dachia Supernova Sagem immobilizer 
Daewoo Nexia 
Daewoo Espero 
Fiat Brava, MC68HC908AZ32 
Fiat Bravo, eeprom 93C46. 
Fiat Bravo, MC68HC705E6 
Fiat Cinquecento, eeprom 93C46 
Fiat Ducato, eeprom 93C46. 
Fiat Palio, MC68HC705E6 
Fiat Punto eeprom 93C46 
Fiat Scudo, motorola 
Ford Galaxy box-case immo TMS-based 
Ford Galaxy box-case immo Motorola-based 
Ford Probe 96-97 
Honda Shuttle, eeprom 93C46 
Honda Civic, eeprom 93C46 
Honda Civic, eeprom 93C46 2003 
Honda CRV eeprom 93C46 
Mercedes Benz set for cars with transponder-type key. 
Compatible to 129, 140, 210, S300 S320, S420, S500, E290, Vaneo, A-160, etc. 
Supported immobilizers: 
motorola maskset 0D53J 
motorola maskset 0D69J 
motorola maskset 0D66J 
Mercedes ML-seria AAM-based 
Mercedes ML-seria EAM-based 
Mercedes Actros (93C86) 
Mercedes Actros (93C66) 
Mercedes Atego (93C86) 
Mercedes Atego (93C66)
Mercedes Actros 
Mercedes Sprinter 
Mercedes Vito 

Mitsubishi Carisma witth 93C46 eeprom 
Nissan NATS-2 immo 
Nissan NATS-4 immo 
Opel Motorola based 
Opel TMS based
Opel Movano 2000, eeprom 93C46 
Opel Frontera, eeprom 93C46 
Peugeot motorcycle Spedfight2 Motorola MC68HC05B8 based 
Peugeot 306 (eeprom M95040) 
Peugeot 406 (Valeo, eeprom 93C46) 
Peugeot Boxer (eeprom 93C46) 
Peugeot Partner (eeprom 93C46) 
Peugeot Squab 
Renault Clio (Sagem immobilizer, eeprom 93C46) 
Renault Kangoo up to 2002 Sagem immo 
Renault Laguna 1998, eeprom 93C46 
Renault Master, eeprom 93C46 
Renault Laguna 1998 Valeo immo 
Rover 75 
Seat Alhambra (7M0 953 257 F) Motorola maskset 3D33J 
Subaru Legacy. Motorola maskset 0F10V 
Subaru Impreza. Motorola maskset 3D33J 
Subaru Outback. Motorola 
Volvo 850 (eeprom 93C46) 
Volvo V70 (eeprom 93C56) 
Volvo V70 (eeprom 93C66) 
VW box-case immo Motorola MC68HC05B6 based 
VW box-case immo TMS-based 
VW box-case immo 6x0 953 257

Image dump generators 
Type 44 
Audi A8 2003?006 
VW Touareg 
VW Phaeton 
BMW E60 
BMW E64 
BMW E65 
BMW E87 
Porsche Cayenne 
Citroen Xsara Picasso 2000?004 
Citroen C3 2004 
Peugeot 307 2004 
Opel fixed code 
Mitsubishi (PCF7936) 

Pin calculator 
EDC16 (eeprom 95320 / 25C320) and BoschMotronic (eeprom ST95P08) 
List of car equipped with these ECUs: 
AUDI A3, A4, A6, A8 
VW Golf 4, Touran, Touareg, Phaeton, Caddy 
SKODA Octavia II 
SEAT Leon, Toledo


User's Manual for Hitag 2



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