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3-In-1 SuperScan

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Diagnostic Tool For European, North American And Asian Cars!

If your car's Check Engine Light is on, you need this device. V-Checker is a handy device for reading and erasing trouble code in  your vehicles. It can also display live data for your vehicle. It is small in size, robust in design, competitive in price and easy to use. This is a stand alone unit, it does not need a laptop computer to operate.

By simply connecting V-Checker with the diagnostic socket, the user will be able to read the trouble code. The trouble code description will be displayed directly on the screen, no need for search it in the user's manual. Each code will be continuously displayed until the [PREVIOUS] or [NEXT] key is pressed. This is a important advantage to compare with the old type trouble code reading tools.

•  Powerful enough to support all the functionalities of the decoders from the original manufacturers. 
•  Support for multiple vehicles: One instrument can have multiple memory card and one memory card can store multiple diagnostic software 
•  Online upgrade: Download the latest upgrade package and update the diagnostic software 
•  Multiple languages are supported 
At the present time, 3-In-1 SuperScan can provide diagnostic software for OBD-I,  OBD-II, EOBD, JOBD,  CAN-BUS, VAG,Toyota, motorcycles and vehicles made in Malaysia,etc.

Main Functions:
1.Display DTC descriptions in text mode
2.Read DTC
3.Erase DTC
4.Data Stream
5.Freeze Frame Data
6.Oxygen Sensor Test
7.On Board Monitor
8.Request Control Test
9.ECU Information

V3-In-1 SuperScan handheld diagnostic tool: An improved version of the 3-In-1 SuperScan mini diagnostic tool. It provides the same functionalities as the mini diagnostic tool. Technical documentations can be referred from the mini diagnostic tool section.

3-In-1 SuperScan also have two version of products: OBD-II Professional and VW Professional, Both of the them support multiple languages.

The handheld version has a larger LCD screen and a larger keyboard which provide a friendlier user interface. 

•  Body Size: 176mm*85mm*30mm
•  Package Size: 240mm*130mm*85mm
•  Weight : 900g
•  Cable Length: 1500mm







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