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LAUNCH CAT-501+ Auto Transmission Fluid Changer

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Weight: 80 kg

The LAUNCH X-501AT is a cost effective, innovative transmission fluid exchange product that is capable of exchanging in less than 5 minutes and cleaning and exchanging fluid in the average transmission in less than 20 minutes.

1. Fluid Flow Sensor - Automatically changes ow for fast simple no mistake hook-up.
2. Automatic Cleaning & Fluid Exchange - Supports semi and fully automatic cleaning of oil and changing oil.
3. Easy To Use - Simple and Intuitive prompts guide you through the entire operation with just one-click for any capacity setting and automatic cleaning.
4. Ergonomic Design - Special rack, integration module, automatic door, easy side-ll funnel and reinforced wheels allows for easy maintenance and convenient operation.
5. Sealed Control Panel - Operation panel is completely sealed including the printer, which prevents fluid migration into the machines critical areas.
6. Highly Compatible - Comes with a wide variety of connectors and adapters to service both foreign and domestic vehicles.
7. Report Printer - Allows shop to provide their customer with a print-out documenting the service performed.


The transmission fluid inside transmission will go bad after a period of usage of automatic transmission. If the transmission fluid can not be changed completely in time, it may cause the abnormality to the transmission. Generally speaking, auto transmission fluid changer can not control the filling quantity of the ATF as required, the excessive or shortage filling will cause the damage to auto transmission. CAT-501+ auto transmission changer can complete the flush and fluid exchange in 20 minutes for transmission, torque converter and radiator. The fluid exchange rate is nearly 100%.


  • LCD display and personalized design making easy  operation.
  • Multi-language print.
  • Filling and recycling of automatic transmission fluid.
  • Automatic identification for the fluid flow inlet/outlet direction.
  • Circulating cleaning for automatic transmission.
  • Easy for detergent filling.
  • Automatic exchange of new/used fluid.
  • Visual display of the fluid pressures.
  • Accurate display of the automatic transmission fluid temperature.
  • Intelligent electronic control for the full automatic equivalent exchange of new and used fluid.
  • Manually adding and upgrading database function.
  • Various special adapters are applicable to vehicle types made in Europe, America and Asia.
  • Effectively resolve the incomplete fluid exchange of manual operation.
  • It improves the working performance of auto transmission.
  • It prolongs the work life of transmission

Working Conditions

  • Ambient temperature: -10~+50°C
  • Relative humidity: <90%


  • Power supply: AC 110V/60Hz or AC 220V/50Hz
  • Maximum power: 150W
  • Pressure gauge: 0~150psi
  • Fluid outlet hose: 2.5 m
  • Fluid return hose: 2.5 m
  • Fluid draining hose: 1.2 m
  • Filter precision: 5μm
  • Fluid tank: 20L×2
  • Equivalent exchange error: ±100ml
  • Mean exchange speed: 2L/MIN
  • Noise: <70db li="">
  • Net weight: 70Kg
  • Gross weight: 78Kg
  • Size:590mm×700mm×1037mm


1. User's Manual

2. LAUNCH X-501AT Transmission Fluid Exchange (video)

3. X 501 +AF Video (video)

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