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Launch X431 WiFi Printer for X431 Pro X431 PRO3 X431 V X431 V+ and X431 PAD

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With the market promotion and popularization of X-431 PRO X431 PRO3 X431 V  X431 V+ and X431 PAD products,LAUNCH products are increasingly favored by more and more customers! Aiming at impoving product service continuously,taking the customers' benefit on the first place,LAUNCH develops a wireless printer(WiFi Printer) especially for X-431 PRO series,which will bring convenience to you when are at work or in learning. It has been released in the market, you can order it from LAUNCH if you need.

Wifi-printer for X431 Pro X431 PRO3 X431 V  X431 V+ and X431 PAD  


1.Compact unit, simple structure

   Dimensions : 124.5 * 79.3 * 35.3MM

   Three buttons : power button, print -ready keys ,paper out button , easy to  operate


2. WiFi access, easy to operate

1 ) Make sure the printer is on, enter into settings interface of diagnostic equipment , turn Wi-Fi on ;

2 ) Find and click the printer's Wi-Fi hotspots , default name as X-431 Printer xxx (xxx represents numbers )

3 ) Enter password (default password is 12345678 ) , then click the link , if it shows connected,then the connection is done

After a successful connection, you can print what you need under the interface of integrated diagnostic equipment.


3 Product Configuration

1.WIFI Printer (WIFI Printer) European regulations configuration

2.WIFI Printer (WIFI Printer) American regulatory configuration

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