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  • The bank remittance in EUR, USD and RUR

  • VISA and MsterCard online payments


Payment is made at the post office when they receive the order (only for residents of Russia). Restrictions on the amount of goods is not more than 10 000 rubles through Post of Russia and not more than 50 000 rubles while sending a courier service «EMS Post of Russia» - pay the courier. Prices postage is not included in the price of goods.Company WM Transfer Ltd - the owner and administrator of the payment system WebMoney Transfer. WebMoney Transfer System has been in place since 1998. The developer of software billing systems WebMoney Transfer is «Computational Force» Ltd.Co.(Russia), which also provides technical support system WebMoney.


    RBK Money - is an electronic payment system, through which you can make payments from a personal computer, mobile phone or communicator.



    Russian Federal Postal Network provides postal services throughout the Russian Federation, including all cities and villages.
    Post of Russia today - is 84 branches, 42 of 000 post offices, 415 000 employees. Each year, postal workers Russia receives, processes and deliver more than 1.5 billion letters, 48 million parcels and more than 190 million money transfers.


     Express Mail Service (EMS) - a service for express delivery of parcels to be provided in more than 190 countries around the world. In Russia, this service provides «EMS Post of Russia» - a service that provides delivery of your urgent documents and goods in the shortest possible time.
    Thanks to a unique network (42000 post offices across Russia, delivering rapid administration of EMS, and the 5500 post offices with rapid departure EMS), established infrastructure, an efficient system of main traffic, as well as cooperation with the World EMS service, we offer a reliable courier delivery of a «door» in the vast majority of settlements in Russia and around the world.


     The company DHL is the leader of the Russian market of express delivery and logistics. DHL entered the Russian market in 1984. During this time, the area serviced by the company, has expanded to more than 500 settlements in Russia. To date the company has more than 130 of its own and agency offices. The transport fleet of more than 700 commercial vehicles.


      Founded in 1907, UPS is the world's largest company for the delivery of express cargo traffic with more than 49.7 billion dollars and occupies a leading position in the management of supply chains, offering a variety of options for synchronizing goods, information and cash flows. UPS serves more than 200 countries and territories worldwide


     We at TNT, specializing in emergency and sverhsrochnoy deliver shipments of all types in almost any country in the world.
    More than 70,000 people from 200 countries around the world who are working in our company and each of whom is a professional in your field, send all their efforts to provide customers the highest quality services. Through well-coordinated work of highly qualified personnel TNT has for long been proud to be the title of leader in the express delivery of documents, parcels and freight.

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