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C68 is an ultimate professional auto diagnostic tool that can check all

systems of all major European, American and Asian vehicles. With more

than 50 vehicle makes and hundreds of vehicle electronic systems make it

globally adaptive and practical in use, and multifunction performs

outstanding diagnostic performance. It provides an ever fast and stable

diagnostic speed with its new and unique platform. The new technologies

of which its compatibility with different platforms and strengthened

firmware and software that advances the diagnostic functions, speed up the

diagnostic processes and extend the capability in firmware and softwares.

It integrates the needs from DIY market to professional technicians’

criteria. A more convenient and trouble-free diagnostic experience is

provided at any time by your side as to its compact and durable housing.

This unique solution keeps it up-to-date to meet the market needs and

development trends. Easy operation on diagnosis symptoms and codes, the

creative screenshots capturing in real time function offer an efficient

repairing service for individuals or workshops. External SD card with large

capacity stores the screenshots captured in real time.

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Xtool X-vci box not only support J2534 reprogramming, but it is also the device of OEM scan.J2534 is the har-dware standard for OEM scan.Toyota,Honda, Subaru,Mazda,Ford,,Landrover,Jaguar,GM and more use J2534 standard for scan now.so Xtooltech X-vci can work with many original diagnostic softwares, and same function as the original tools

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ADS-1X is a Full-line vehicles fault diagnostic scanner system, which is based on pc desktop and laptop platform. It can test cars manufactured in Asia, America andEurope countries. It supports all kinds of vehicle communication modes.

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Tuirel S777 is a hand-held auto scanner that can help you trouble-shoots all the electronic systems of your vehicle efficiently, it’s much more than an OBDII scanner with multifunction, it approaches and competes with professional auto diagnostic tools. It integrates the needs of DIY users and professionals with selectable vehicle software and high frequency of update

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