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 Driverless for Windows 2000, XP / Vista (see notes below)   Specifications: 
- Working platforms: Windows, MAC, Linux 
- Magnification: 1/10-200 times 
- Photograph: Taken by the software 
- Light source: LED illumiantion (USB interface) 
- Focusing: 3cm - infinity 
- Max Size: 7mm*1500mm - FOV: 60°
- Pixels: 0.3m 
- Display speed: 15-30fps 
- Interface: USB2.0 - Waterproof


The Video inspection scope is for remote inspection of areas generally inaccessible to the naked eye. It comes with a distal video camera at the end of a 36" shaft for internal inspection of engines A/C system and any space such as walls or old tree trunks


 Family testing, power electrical industries, automobile testing, civil engineering, regional security, public security detection departments, biological and plant research, industrial production, the ship and so on


1.  High-resolution color camera.

2.  The insert part is changeable, a handle display system can handle multiple forms of insertion (hose and hard pipe, gooseneck).

3.  Optimized lighting settings, showing more accurate details of the objectives.

4. Compact set, rapid disassembly, convenient to carry.

5.  Applies to observe and inspect the sites where hunman eyes are not reachable, mainly usd for the automotive, aero-engine, pipes, machine parts and other fields.


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1 12 2010
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