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Common rail injector test simulator 
1.test electromagnetic,piezoelectric injector 
2.low price,good quality 

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Trailer Sockets Tester ADD2020 is a New compact, portable Trailer Socket Tester specifically designed for MoT Testing of all CAN-Bus and standard 13 pin systems. It is also suitable for 13pin to 7 pin adaptor

The simple to use handset features a self-test facility to ensure the serviceability of the tool.The "Colour Co-ordinated" LED presentation cleary shows the MoT Test requirements as well as additional Non MoT Testing of +12v/24v Power and Reversing. They are useful tools to have when diagnosing electrical faults.


It includes electric-control analyzing equipment and signal generator. According to the common characteristic if automobile EECS, the equipment can simulate 8 kinds of signals to meet the demands of diagnosing work.

Moreover, the equipment can simulate 3 kinds of independent, changeable signal combination at the same time. The equipment is designed on the basis of electric-control principle and repairing regularity, so it can also be a useful teaching tool to grasp Automobile-Electric technique in automobile repairing skill training.


The Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool is an very useful tool for professional technician during car ECU reparing & key programming. This Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool is an indispensive car ECU repair tool, with newly update and more stable function. After many years R&D and times of upgrades, now our sensor siginal simulation expert has been the most fix purchasing equipment with advance technology for many workshop and automobile training school.


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This product consists of two of our ADD products: ADD760 (Ignition System KV Quick Tester) and ADD750 (Coil on Plug Ignition Quick Tester). The two products are used to test car ignition system.


Spark plug is one of the important components of ignition system,motor vehicles and other gasoline equipments' effective power depends largely on the performance of the spark plug, so it's said that the spark plug is the heart of the engine. Usually service life of spark plug is 15000km, service life of long-lived spark plug is 30000km. You need to replace the spark plug to a certain extent, so that cars will not reduce the power. This spark plug tester will tell  you when to replace the spark plugs.


SKS-3055B Auto signal generator designed under the rules by the diagnosis of auto electronic control systems and electronic circuit signal characteristics, specifically designed for the auto service technician. This instrument easy to use, supplied with cables for variety sensors. Also have the network support for auto sensors database. Used for Automotive fault diagnosis, ECU repair, EECU teaching fields, etc.

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