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Lonsdor K518ISE with Android OS,fast online upgrade, supports Immobilization Key Programming,Odometer adjustment,VW 4th&5th IMMO,Free BMW FEM key programming,it is the English version of K518.Free update online for lifetime

€1 806.00

SKE-LT: Smart Key emulator - Toyota/Lexus smart key for all key lost via OBD
Black:  SKE-LT-DST40(94/D4) -Supports 94/D4 smart key
Red: SKE-LT-8A(88/A8)-Support 88/A8 smart key
Green: SKE-LT-DST80(98)-Supports 98 smart key
Blue: SKE-LT-8A(A9)-Supports A9 smart key


*   Free tokens!

*   Online update!

*   All by OBD, no soldering, no EEPROM

*   No battery issue, plug and program keys!

*   Read Pin Code, all keys lost, add keys, erase keys! 

AUTEK IKEY820 Key Programmer, which has wide and deep coverage for all European, Asian and American vehicles, is the latest and most advanced tool. IKEY820 is the perfect tool for Locksmiths.


Here comes the first tablet key programmer in the world! 

It not only provides customers with professional key programming, but also the most needed special functions for workshop. 

X100 PAD is a tablet with the latest technologies to perform key programming, odometer verification, oil service light reset, timing belt service light reset, tire pressure warning light reset , EPB reset, throttle body reset, DPF reset, battery reset, steering angle calibration and OBD-II engine diagnosis.  



X-300 Plus is a handheld device designed to program keys, reset oil service light, Reset Timing belt service light (manual operation), Reset Tire pressure warning light (manual operation), EPB, OBD-II engine diagnosis and Throttle matching (GM, Honda, Nissan, Acura) on major Asian, American and European vehicles. It provides super fast solution and it can work as generic workshop level diagnostic equipment.


X-100 PRO Auto Key Programmer is a kind of handheld device for programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles. This scan tool has a simple and robust design, to make your vehicle service experience much easier! 


Android OBDSTAR X300 DP Pad Key Programmer ,supports One key upgrade , Free update on OBDSTAR Official website for 1 year, Multi-function: Immobilizer+ odometer adjustment+ EEPROM/PIC adapter+ OBDII+ ABS+ TPS+ SRS reset+ TPMS(low tire)reset+ Steering angle reset+ CVT learning/Value reset+ EPB+ Oil/service reset+ Battery matching+ Diagnosis(Japanese and Korean serials)

€1 075.00

SuperOBD SKP-100 Hand-held OBD2 Key Programmer is a new car key repair tool for remote keys and smart keys for Land Rover/Jaguar(JLR), Ford/Mazda(not support Mazda 8c), Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles via OBD2 connector even if all keys lost.


OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master Full Package Configuration by OBDSTAR Company features with the immobiliser key programming function of SKP900,as well as new function e.g. Odometer adjustment, EEPROM/PIC and OBDII and OBDII+EPB+Oil/Service reset+Battery matching
Its design is fully based on industrial standard, for example, it is designed with bilateral keyboards which make it easy to operate, besides its appearance is processed by special material and reaches to the shockproof level.

€1 120.69

VPC-100 is a hand-held Vehicle PinCode Calculator designed for Locksmith man. It also has the web mode, which is suitable to DIY users.


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