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As for the year of producing and the covered car models, please note their features (type of engine and etc) for their countries of destination and assembly

The compact on-board auto key programmers (Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, BMW, Range Rover) (video)

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The device works with 98/88/A8/A9 smart-keys and maybe with 39 too (not tested yet)

Supported vehicles:

Toyota: Camry 2018;Camry 2012-2018; Land Cruiser 200 2015-2018; Land Cruiser Prado 2015-2018; Rav 4 2016-2018; Corolla 2015-2018; CHR.

Lexus : NX;RX 2016+; GX 2015+; IS 2015+;GS 2015+; ES 2015-2018+; LX 2015-2018+; LS 2015-2018+.

The device allows you to start the engine within 10 seconds on new models of Toyota / Lexus with a new smart key system (05/2017 +), on which there is no possibility to write keys through the OBD2 connector, as well as on earlier models. The device allows you to start the engine even when the start/stop button is faulty or switch off and if there are additional locks or breaks of Can bus or Lin bus. One can need only to connect the device to the steering lock connector and to OBD2. The device works automatically after such connection so to start the engine it is enough to open-close the driver’s door!

Also, using AST PRO, one can reset the ID Immo unit by installing a new smart key certification unit and easy to program a new set of keys.

€7 000.00

Device for the emergency shutdown of the factory security system Toyota / Lexus (2017+).

Outside the car, the device is connected to the headlight connector, and inside the car - to the BCM module.

List of covered models Toyota/Lexus:

Toyota:  Land Cruiser Prado 150(2018+), Land Cruiser 200(2017+), Alphard(2017+), Camry(2018+), RAV4(2019+), Corolla(2019+)

Lexus: LX 570/450D(2017+), RX(2016+), NX(2016+), ES(2018+)

€6 000.00

The device works with 98/A8/A9/AA smart-keys.

Supported vehicles:
Toyota: Camry 2018+; Land Cruiser 200 2015-2020;Land Cruiser Prado 2015-2020;Rav 4 2018+;CHR 2017+
Lexus: NX;RX 2016+; GX 2015+; IS 2015+;GS 2015+; ES 2018+; LX 2015-2018+; LS 2015-2018+.

€3 000.00

The device is designed specifically for emergency unlocking of the steering wheel of Toyota / Lexus cars (2008-2020). It is enough to connect the device to the steering wheel lock and after a few seconds, the steering wheel will be unlocked.

  • It covers almost all models of Toyota/Lexus (2008 -2017)  with KEYLESS-GO system
  • This device unlocks the smart modules and programs the smart keys with the following type of chips: D4/94/98/88/A8/A9
  • For unlocking and programming you need only plug the device into the car’s OBD 2 connector
  • The smart key Programming takes up to 5 minutes
€6 000.00

Tk Prog Toyota v2.01 ( Toyota / Lexus / Subaru ) ( Key ID88 - new Camry, Rav4, Corolla etc. ) - is advanced equipment set for electronic smart-key registration within Lexus and Toyota passenger cars.

€2 155.18

Only for information!

Forbidden in a number of countries!

This device works only with vehicles equipped with Keyless entry start system for European 433 MHz and American 315 MHz markets

Only for information!

Forbidden in a number of countries!

Smart Key Emergency Start System AMP 7.0 provides work with all vehicles equipped with Keyless Entry and Keyless Go systems at the distances - "Key-Big Unit": 2-9 m and “Key-Auto”: 50-150 m.  With outer antenna the working distance "Key-Big Unit" is up to 16 m and for Mercedes Benz the "Key-Auto" distance could be even up to 250 m

List of tested cars:

- Audi Full 2005 – 2018 including New Q7 

- BMW 2018

- Bentley, Infinity, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, - 2018 

- Range Rover full models (2009- 2018) 

- Mercedes (- 2018, including FBS4) 

- Mitsubishi,Mazda, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Rolls-Royce, Seat, Skoda, VW 

- Lexus/Toyota Full models Key 94, D4, 98, 88, A8, A9, 39 (2006-2018)

Only for information!

Forbidden in a number of countries! 

The Device is produced to open the car without the use of any pick tools and start the engine on Toyota/Lexus cars equipped with Keyless Go/Intelligent key system from 2008 to 2020 year. Device works with all cars 2008-2020 with KeylessGO system and key frequencies: 433Mhz and 315Mhz.

Only for information!

Forbidden in a number of countries! 

The Long-range Smart Key Emergency Start System (SKESS-L) for Toyota/Lexus/Subaru (2008-2020) is designed for car’s door opening , alarm off/on and starting the engines  of the Toyota/Lexus/Subaru cars  with  the  Keyless Go / Intelligent Key / Keyless Entry / Smart key (Japan/USA/Europe; 433/315 MHz) systems

SKESS-L works with the 94 / 98 / 88 / A8 / 39 / A9 / F1 smart keys.

The working distances between the units in urban areas are: "Key-Big Unit": 4-12 m (with External antenna) and “Key-Auto”: up to 800 m.

Selectivity of the needed car key during its catching

The updates:

1. An indication of the new Toyota / Lexus A9 keys (Toyota Camry v70, Land Cruiser Prado 2017+, CHR, Fortuner, Hiace, Alphard)

2. The new mode of work with cars 2018+ with the new key types of keys and with floating frequency.

3. Ability to update earlier versions of the device

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