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SEC-E9 laser automatic key cutting machine

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Weight: 29 kg

Basic Info.  

Model NO.:SEC-E9  


Type for Cutting Machine:CNC Cutting Machine  

Type for Fold-bending Machine:Key Cutting Machine  

Application:Machinery & Hardware, Key Cutting Machine  

Type:Key Cutting Machine  

Power Input:24V DC/5A  






Usage:Automatic Key Cutting Machine  

Advantage:Strong Functions  

Spindle Revolution:8.750rpm  

Delivery Detail:1-30days  

Export Markets:Global  


Additional Info.  


Packing:Poly Bag, Blister, Paper Box, DIY  


Origin:P. R. China  

HS Code:8461500090  

Production Capacity:10, 000PCS/Months  


Product Description    


Qualified Locksmith Tools Full Automatic Key Cutting Machine  SEC-E9  


1. Automatic key cutting machine;  

2. Mainly applied to automobile key cutting and duplicating, especially for most foreign car key blanks(including ford tibbe), and household keys, standard key(edge or doubled-sided non laser keys),  

3.Computerized Electronic Automobile Key Cutting Machine, different with traditional key cutting machine,easy to operate and copy.  

4.Best tooler for locksmiths.  

5.Same quality as imported machine.  


SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine is used for cutting car keys and household keys. It covers cylinder and laser keys with adapters for other key styles.  


Embedded 7-inch touch controller  

Embedded 7-inch touch controller offers easier key cutting capability with graphical user interface.  


Equipped with both decoder and cutter  

Quick and easy duplication of key is available.  


Equipped with two spindle belts  

Supplied with two spindle belts to ensure high-torque key cutting without loss of cutting speed.  


Wide and brighter LED light  

Bright LED light helps easy machine use at night.  

Maintain the Long life-span of Machine.  


Barcode scanning  

Barcode scanning feature enables easy key profile selection and loading of the cut key.  


Various types of key cutting supported  

Automobile key (including ford tibbe)

Dimple key

Single standard house key

Tubular key  


Replaceable vise  

Various kinds of replaceable vises are available for easy key cutting of most of existing keys.  

Automobile key vise

Dimple key vise

Single standard house key vise

Tubular key vise  


Tilting screen  

Tilting screen ensures easier touch screen use.  



1.Keeping the record of key cutting  

2.Double head key cutting machine with high accuracy  

3.Can cut extra long handle keys with saw-teeth grooves and right angle grooves accurately  

4.Feeding and sliding plate for cutting keys moves horizontally, is durable and easy to operate  

5.The two-set vices are placed at the front and the back, they can clamp extra long handle keys of any length and can cut appropriate grooves  

6.high percision, and high gripping force, high reliablity and stability  

7.Flimsy parts are shaped by quenching  

8.Self-tighting feature automatically increase grapping force proportional to increased torque to prevent tool shank slippage;  


 Function Briefly Description  

1. Can copy your key without your original key;  

1. with LISHI locksmith tool ( a tool read the fear teeth)

2. Imput the slip no. of key to the machine  

3. By VIN no.

4. Move clamp, scan the barcode  


2. Can Cutting all flip Keys;  

1. Pressing the vehicle icon in the initial page to open the manufacturer list and choose the brand, series of vehicle  

2. Choose the manufacturer year  

3. Fix the keyblade over the clamp  

4. Read the data of key, the key no. would be show on the screen  

5. Pressing the "cutting"icon  


3. Advantages:  

1.Competitive price: compared with foreign country like Italy,European our price is competitive.  

2.Weight: weights 22-24kg, considerable portable.  

3.IR scan:duplicate a new key by read the geat teeth   .


4. Note:  

1.Cutter and spindle are consumables, make sure to replace it with the new parts after a certain period of use.  

2.Please read the manual before operating this equipment without fail.  


I.  User's Manual

II. Videos: 

1)  SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine--How to cut a key

2)  SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine--How to use the key code to cut a new key

3)  SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine--How to cut a new key when the original key is lost

4)  SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine--How to cut a key when the original key is lost

5)  SEC E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine--Coping DomesticHouse Key without Key Type Selection

6)  SEC E9 Automatic Key cutting machine--key marking

7)  SEC E9 Automatic Key cutting machine--How to manage the cutting history

8)  How to add the key data by user--SEC E9 key cutting machine

9)  SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine--Cut with key code search and search key code by bitting no

10)SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine--How to use key biting number to cut a new key(BMW HU92)

11)SEC-E9 Automatic key cutting machine--How to cut Ford car keys

12)SEC-E9 Automatic Key Cutting Machine--How to copy the tubular key

13)How to register on factory website your SEC-E9 laser automatic key cutting machine

14)How to upgrade SEC-E9 laser automatic key cutting machine

15)How to cut a HY22 Hyundai Sonata Car key by brand operate with touch screen 

16)How to add the key data by using SEC E9 key cutting machine

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