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Device for emergency start of VAG (EDC17, MED17, MED9) cars - VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA (2008-2014)

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This device works with all cars from VAG Group (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda) equipped with edc17/med17 immo4 till 06/2014 with regular ignition 13-25 s


Touran 2006-2009 1.4TSI

Touran 2010-2014 1.4TSI

Touran 2010-2014 2.0TDI

Golf 5 2006-2008 1.4TSI

Golf 6 2009-2013 1.4TSI

Golf 6 2009-2013 2.0TDI

Golf 6 GTD all

Golf 6 GTI all except 35 edition

Golf Plus 2006-2009 1.4TSI

Golf Plus 2010-2014 2.0TDI

Golf Plus 2010-2014 2.0TSI

Jetta 2006-2010 1.4TSI

Jetta 2010-2014 1.4TSI

Jetta 2010-2014 2.0TDI

Sharan 2010-2014 1.4TSI

Sharan 2010-2014 2.0TDI

Sharan 2010-2014 2.0TSI

Scirocco 2008-2014 1.4TSI

Scirocco 2008-2014 2.0TDI

Scirocco 2008-2014 2.0TSI

Eos 2006-2010 1.4TSI

Eos 2010-2014 1.4TSI

Eos 2010-2014 2.0TDI

Eos 2010-2014 2.0TSI

Tiguan 2008-2011 1.4TSI

Tiguan 2008-2011 2.0TDI

Tiguan 2008-2011 2.0TSI

Tiguan 2011-2014 1.4TSI

Tiguan 2011-2014 2.0TDI

Tiguan 2011-2014 2.0TSI

Caddy 2010-2014 2.0TDI



A1 2010-2014 1.4TSI

A1 2010-2014 2.0TDI

A1 2010-2014 2.0TSI

A3 2009-2013 1.4TSI

A3 2009-2013 1.8TSI

A3 2009-2013 2.0TDI

A3 2009-2013 2.0TSI

A3 Cabrio 2009-2013 1.4TSI

A3 Cabrio 2009-2013 1.8TSI

A3 Cabrio 2009-2013 2.0TDI

A3 Cabrio 2009-2013 2.0TSI

TT 2006-2009 1.8TSI

TT 2006-2009 2.0TSI

TT 2006-2009 2.0TDI

TT 2010-2014 1.8TSI

TT 2010-2014 2.0TSI

TT 2010-2014 2.0TDI

Q3 2011-2014 1.4TSI

Q3 2011-2014 2.0TSI

Q3 2011-2014 2.0TDI

RSQ3 2011-2014 2.5TSI



Leon 2007-2012 1.4TSI

Leon 2007-2012 1.8TSI

Leon 2009-2012 2.0TDI

Alhambra 2010-2014 1.4TSI

Alhambra 2010-2014 2.0TSI

Alhambra 2010-2014 2.0TDI

Altea 2007-2014 1.4TSI

Altea 2009-2014 1.8TSI

Altea 2009-2014 2.0TSI

Altea 2009-2014 2.0TDI

Toledo 2012-2014 1.4TSI



Yeti 2009-2014 1.4TSI

Yeti 2009-2014 1.8TSI

Yeti 2009-2014 2.0TSI

Octavia II fl 2009-2012 1.4TSI

Octavia II fl 2009-2012 1.8TSI

Octavia II fl 2009-2012 2.0TSI

Octavia II fl 2009-2012 1.8TDI

Superb II 2008-2014 1.4TSI

Superb II 2008-2014 1.8TSI

Superb II 2008-2014 2.0TSI

Superb II 2008-2014 2.0TDI


MED9.1 75s


Golf 5 GTI 2003-2009

Golf 6 GTI 35 2010-2012

Golf 6 R20 2009-2013

Scirocco R20 2008-2015



Leon 1P Cupra 2006-2009

Leon 1P Cupra R 2009-2012

Leon 1P FR 2.0TSI 2006-2009

Leon 1P 2.0TFSI 2005-2006

Altea 2.0TFSI 2006-2009

Toledo III 2.0TFSI 2005-2009



Octavia II RS 2.0TFSI 2005-2009



A3 8P 2.0TFSI 2003-2009

S3 8P 2.0TFSI 2005-2013

A3 Cabrio 2.0TFSI 2007-2013

RS3 2.5T 2009-2013

TTS 8J 2007-2014

TTRS 2.5T 2008-2014


MED9.5 125s


Golf V 1.6FSI 2003-2009

Golf V 2.0FSI 2003-2009

Golf V PLUS 1.6FSI 2005-2007

Golf V PLUS 2.0FSI 2005-2009

EOS 2.0TFSI 2005-2009

EOS 2.0FSI 2005-2009


The working instruction:

1) Connect connectors from a device under hood.

2) Turn on the device. The red diode will be on.

3) Turn ignition on and look at the dashboard. Slow blinking ABS means that the device is working and

search for correct data when 3x fast ABS blink means the procedure of the data founding is completed. Turn ignition off and on and start the car.

The device remembers always the last car and when you connect the device again to the last car where the procedure finished was, you don’t need to wait, you can just turn the device on and start the car.


Device is sold only for official use. If you use it for any illeagal purposes, this is your own responsibility!

1. Opening and emergency start AUDI A3 (2009) with the complete loss of keys (video)

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