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Long Distance Emergency Start System (ESS-L) device for Toyota/Lexus (2008-2020)

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Forbidden in a number of countries! 

The Device is produced to open the car without the use of any pick tools and start the engine on Toyota/Lexus cars equipped with Keyless Go/Intelligent key system from 2008 to 2020 year. Device works with all cars 2008-2020 with KeylessGO system and key frequencies: 433Mhz and 315Mhz.
The device is tested on Toyota/Lexus vehicles with Intelligent/Key Less Go key system 2008 - 2020 and can work up to 600 meters when you do not have clear view and the car is around the corner. Normal working distance is up to 1000 meters. The distance between the key and the device big unit must be up to 8-10 meters. The whole process of connection to the car, connection to the key and connection between these two units will be displayed on the small displays of both units.
This device consists of two units: small one (car side) and big one (key side)
Distance between small unit and big one can varies between 100m - 1000m
1000m – max distance between two modules. 10м – max distance between big unit unit and the key.

This device is specially produced for the Police Agents and Government Institutions who works in the Security sector!


Test of the Lexus RX 300 (2019) emergency opening and starting with ESS-L device from a multi-story building (video)

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