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KESSY Prog for VW

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Kessy Prog is advanced device for electronic keys registration within passenger cars, equipped with
Kessy immobilizer unit:
Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Continental, VW Touareg, VW Phaeton etc.

Kessy Prog main functions

  • Key or chip registration – key programming and modification of Kessy unit EEPROM memory;
  • Dealer key (or chip) preparation for vehicle;
  • Electronic key or chip testing – key reading and registration availability check;
  • Initial state return in a case of unpredicted situation during Kessy unit programming.

Attention: keys or chips for registration must be unlocked. New keys or chips may be registered once. After that they became locked. Looked keys cannot be registered in another Kessy unit.

Immobilizer systems with Kessy unit use only following types of transponders (HITAG2 group):

  • · PCF7936 – single chip;
  • · PCF7946 – transponder in original key without Keyless-Go;
  • · PCF7943 – transponder in original key with Keyless-Go.

Electronic key with PCF7946 transponder and PCF7936 chip are fully functional right after registration procedure. Registered original key with PCF7946 is able to start the engine and to lock/unlock doors. PCF7936 chip is able to start the engine only.

Keyless-Go key (with PCF7943 transponder) registration is performed in two steps:

  • · Dealer key is prepared first with the help of ‘Make Dealer TP’ function;
  • · Prepared dealer key may be registered by means of dealer equipment (VAS or VCDS) using received in step one PIN-code.


Device is sold only for official use. If you use it for any illeagal purposes, this is your own responsibility!

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